Egoli Estate Vision

New Era Development Company Limited plans to create a new standard for infrastructure and residential development in the Capital City on the north end of Belmopan by building a complete community using modern eco-friendly construction and development practices. The community will be known as  Egoli Estate.

This Instant Community will become the new center of Belmopan as it will represent where the country will go in its future community development planning and execution. We intend to market and sell this community to Belizeans at home and abroad who are desirous of owning their dream home, second home, hurricane shelter or a piece of the Jewel from abroad.

Why you need to come to Egoli Estate

· Instant community with pre-selected neighbors in an amenities rich environment

· Modern  Eco-friendly, and Energy Efficient community

· Paved streets, complete with Drainage, Water, Electricity, Telephone, Internet and Cable TV

· Creative interior designs with the efficient use of living spaces to create unique homes

· A shelter from the Storms

· Site of Belize’s first major Shopping Mall

· A high security community

· 9 acres ecology-park and 11 acres of family friendly recreational area along a natural waterfall

· New entrance to Belmopan at mile 45